Set-ups vary from show to show but will be some combination of the following equipment...

Gretsch New Classic (Merlot Sparkle)
16x20" bass drum
8x10" tom-tom
9x12" tom-tom
14x14" floor tom
16x16" floor tom

DW Frequent Flyer (White Onyx)
12x20" bass drum
8x12" tom-tom
11x14" floor tom
5x14" snare drum

Roland V-Drums TD-12kx

Roland TM-2 Trigger Module with BT1 Sound Bars & Drum Triggers

Snare Drums
Gretsch Limited Edition Rosewood, 5.5x14"
Pearl "Omar Hakim" Signature Series, 5x13"
Tama Bronze, 6.5x14"
Tama Bronze Piccolo, 3x14"

Paiste Signature Series Dark Crisp 14" Hi-Hats
Paiste Signature Series 15"/16"/17" Crash's
Paiste Signature Series 18" China
Paiste Masters Dark 14" Hi-Hats
Paiste Masters Dark 18"/20" Crash's
Paiste Masters Dark 21" ride
Paiste Masters Thin 20" ride
Paiste Masters Thin 22" ride
Paiste 602 Modern Essentials 10" Splash
Paiste 602 Modern Essentials 15" Hi-Hats
Paiste 602 Modern Essentials 16"/18" Crash's
Paiste 602 Modern Essentials 22" ride
Paiste Twenty Series 20" ride

Percussion Equipment includes...
Adams 3.5 octave Rosewood Xylophone
Wang Percussion 2.6 octave Glockenspeil
Matador Congas & Bongos
Black Swamp Log Drums
Ludwig Concert Toms
Leedy 34" Concert Bass Drum
Schlagwerk Cajon & Wood Shakers
Tambourines by Grover & Black Swamp
Cowbells and Woodblocks by Pearl & LP
8" Opera Gong
Octoban by PEACE Drums
and many other toys from whistles to rocks...

DW9000 Pedals
Gibraltar Hardware
Humes & Berg Hard Cases
Ahead Armor Soft Cases

Philip is a proud endorser of Paiste Cymbals and member of their Artist Roster. 

Philip is a proud endorser of Paiste Cymbals and member of their Artist Roster. 

'The Wizard of Oz' National Tour - 2009

NBC's 'SMASH' - Season 2/Episode 8 - 2013

'Flashdance' National Tour - 2013

'A Chorus Line' National Tour - 2010