Set-ups vary from show to show but will be some combination of the following equipment...

Gretsch New Classic (Merlot Sparkle)
16x20" bass drum
8x10" tom-tom
9x12" tom-tom
14x14" floor tom
16x16" floor tom

DW Frequent Flyer (White Onyx)
12x20" bass drum
8x12" tom-tom
11x14" floor tom
5x14" snare drum

Roland V-Drums TD-12kx

Roland TM-2 Trigger Module with BT1 Sound Bars & Drum Triggers

Snare Drums
Gretsch Limited Edition Rosewood, 5.5x14"
Ludwig 100th Annivesary Titanium, 5.5x14"
Pearl "Omar Hakim" Signature Series, 5x13"
Tama Bronze, 6.5x14"
Tama Bronze Piccolo, 3x14"

Paiste Signature Series Dark Crisp 14" Hi-Hats
Paiste Signature Series 15"/16"/17" Crash's
Paiste Signature Series 18" China
Paiste Masters Dark 14" Hi-Hats
Paiste Masters Dark 18"/20" Crash's
Paiste Masters Dark 21" ride
Paiste Masters Thin 20" ride
Paiste Masters Thin 22" ride
Paiste 602 Modern Essentials 15" Hi-Hats
Paiste 602 Modern Essentials 16"/18" Crash's
Paiste 602 Modern Essentials 22" ride
Paiste Twenty Series 20" ride

Percussion Equipment includes...
Adams 3.5 octave Rosewood Xylophone
Wang Percussion 2.6 octave Glockenspeil
Matador Congas & Bongos
Black Swamp Log Drums
Ludwig Concert Toms
Leedy 34" Concert Bass Drum
Schlagwerk Cajon & Wood Shakers
Tambourines by Grover & Black Swamp
Cowbells and Woodblocks by Pearl & LP
8" Opera Gong
Octoban by PEACE Drums
and many other toys from whistles to rocks...

DW9000 Pedals
Gibraltar Hardware
Humes & Berg Hard Cases
Ahead Armor Soft Cases

Philip is a proud endorser of Paiste Cymbals and member of their Artist Roster. 

Philip is a proud endorser of Paiste Cymbals and member of their Artist Roster. 

'The Wizard of Oz' National Tour - 2009

NBC's 'SMASH' - Season 2/Episode 8 - 2013

'Flashdance' National Tour - 2013

'A Chorus Line' National Tour - 2010